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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The world's gone mad!

Well, 6-6-6 passed well enough - in fact, it was a wonderful day and I spent it mainly grinning to myself and very much in love with the sage in flower. And I got my (Geohazards) TMA back, filled with superlatives, like SUPER STUFF! AND I managed to finish off TMA03 - worked like blazes, but was happy that, at last, I could sit back and relax a little. Perhaps read a *proper* book in the sunshine or something. Then I did my roots. And I got a rash. So now I don't know whether to ever use that dye again or not! Would everybody still love me if I turned into the old crone I actually am underneath that colouring????? This is a real NUISANCE when going away in only 2 weeks time! And, this morning - I woke up to find that my PC wasn't playing with me! Couldn't find SYSTEM32 or something. Anyway, I found the remedy - but I MESSED IT UP and ended up having to reinstall darned WINDOWS - so lost everything! I don't even have an FTP client right now!

But, we went out this afternoon, because it was a glorious day!

And we went to Cockington, Torquay, for cream teas!

Spent some time in the stocks!

And then we spent some time on the beach!

I've sent loads more postcards - to all over the place - the latest one is to be sent to Croatia! I've also received 4 more. 2 from Finland, one from Australia and one from Brazil! I'll scan them when I have time - don't have any right now.

HEATHER - if you read this - please send me an email - as I've lost your address!!

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