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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rule Britannia? I think not!

England 1 Paraguay 0. Dire game - two very poor teams. England strolled around like they only had to turn up; Paraguay strolled around not bothering. And there were too few close-ups of Santa Cruz!

Trinidad and Tobago 0 Sweden 0
. This was more like it! But the Swedes left the pitch red-faced after T&T put up a valiant struggle!

Argentina 2 Ivory Coast 1. Even more like it! Argentina are CLASS. Ivory Coast are certainly not walk-overs. Nice football.

Two more postcards this morning! One from Finland and one from Wisconsin. I've now put scans of my Postcrossing cards on here.

Big shock of the day - the return of S330 TMA02 - so quick - I hadn't expected it yet. And 70%. I'm pleased with that! It means I only need to scrape up another 27% from somewhere, to pass the coursework! Tutor thinks I should aim 'beyond a bare pass', as I've shown I can do that by this TMA. He hasn't seen my so far efforts at TMA03 ....


Anonymous said...

Thought First half of England game was good from England point of view. We didn't capitalise though and Eriksson made a stupid decision with Owen. The referee was a joke. I've posted on both so come comment if you like.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the strange Owen substitution - but that doesn't disguise a mediocre performance!