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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Portugal 2 Iran 0 - didn't see this game - just caught Leo's comments at the end - he said it was boring, so it must've been! :)

Czech Republic 0 Ghana 2 - how disappointing the Czechs were! Certainly they have no forwards - and those they have won't be playing the next game, due to yellow cards - but where was their heart?

Italy 1 USA 1
- 1 off for the Azure (terrible elbow on McBride) - 2 off for the US! You'd have thought the Italians would've finished them off, wouldn't you? Nope - the US were the best team on the pitch and deserved their draw! A great Saturday evening drama! Still no Pips.

It's unbearably warm today - and the forecast for next weekend, London - is very warm indeed - might have to rethink my flying clothes! The forecast for Seattle is very good (though I don't trust weather.com) - just hope we might catch a glimpse of The Mountain!

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