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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Galaxy 587729386066804930

I'm categorising galaxies!! This is one of mine (587729386066804930)

which I've categorised as a clockwise spiral galaxy. It's quite a responsibility! And it is also very absorbing.

The pictures were taken from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. And, you can join in (if you pass the trial!) by Galaxy Zoo.

"Sir Patrick Moore, an enthusiastic supporter of the project, said: ‘Non-professionals have always been deeply involved in studying the sky and they now have yet another opportunity to make themselves really useful. Moreover, their help is now of immense value so do join up – as I am doing myself!’"

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fed up ....

... with the sight of blue skies and the warmth on our skin and the sounds of cicadas and the smell of mimosa and the taste of fresh fish and the friendly people and beautiful villages and pristine beaches ....

we returned to the rain and critical terrorism alerts. As you do.

{Silly} Fun in the Sun!

Live Action! :))