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Monday, January 21, 2008

Where've I been?

I'm not sure! Neither am I sure where I am now!!

New Year's Eve, both Paul and I had flu. (Reminder to get flu jab next year). We both had terrible coughs. But my cough turned into a chest infection. They gave me anti-biotics. I took one and my temperature shot up to about 106!! So they gave me another lot of ab's. Levofloxacin. I took one - about 10:00pm, 8th January. Almost immediately, I came out in hives, all over. 999. The ambulance folk were very nice and injected me with some antihistamine, which worked within 10 minutes. Fortunately, my 'vital signs' were fine, but they decided to take me to A&E anyway. Hub and I were there til 4:00am... My temperature was, apparently, horrendous! I had a chest X-ray and they decided I had 'nearly' pneumonia and I was given TWO lots of antibiotics. LARGE STRENGTH!! Amoxycillin + doxycycline. Seemingly, I had a slight urine infection too (?) - but they allowed me to go home - phew!

The week taking the antibiotics was awful - I felt SO ill and couldn't eat, because everything tasted vile! I even spent one whole day in bed, which is something I NEVER do! FINALLY, I finished the course(s), only to discover that I now had thrush, brought on by the antibiotics. Everywhere. Easily fixed - apart from the oral thrush, which is STILL lingering. I'm taking Nystan for it and is has improved somewhat - but I went several days not being able to swallow!! Now I can swallow, but I cannot chew - not helped by the fact that I broke a tooth!! I have a dental appointment tomorrow morning, which I am dreading, because my whole mouth is so sore. However, the next appointment wasn't for TWO WEEKS!

I can breathe. I can eat (just). And I am sleeping for England. I am MUCH better. But I have most certainly lost most of this year, so far!