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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Such a prolific blogger!

I have dumped EA300 in favour of A363 - Advanced Creative Writing. There was nothing wrong with the Childrens' Literature course - it was just that I was feeling sentimental and didn't want to leave my A215 pals! I still haven't filled in all the forms yet though.

The A215 ECA went in at the beginning of June. I didn't submit the puberty story in the end; it was too, I dunno, dull. Instead I submitted a more recent auto-biographical thingie - probably I should've stuck to the puberty one... The results will be out the week after next. Eek.

We went to Hawaii for two weeks, in June - and now it feels as though we never went at all! But it was lovely - saw the lava hitting the ocean - went down in a sub - enjoyed some beautiful beaches - saw different birds and plants and ate different fish - and we visited South Fork in Dallas! The write-up is on here. A selection of pictures on here.

We said goodbye to summer when we landed back home. A dreadful July. And I am spinning. BPPV, I think.