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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Got tickets!

I bought our British Airways plane tickets for next year's trip, this morning! A total saving of around £600, compared to what they cost last week - so that's one ticket, plus some, for nothing! Interesting that we are down for Terminal 5 - I wonder if it will open in time?!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What constitutes having 'made it'?

My Dad was 83 on Thursday and we bought him a standard lamp. He was brought up to think that 'only rich people' had standard lamps and that they were a symbol of success. So now he has one!

Also in the picture above are my sister-in-law, Anita - and niece, Amy, who has just had her GCSE results - 10 grade A's, most of those with *'s (whatever that means). Very clever - and, certainly, my old school is producing better results out of her than they did out of me! She is going on to do arts A-levels, including Media Studies ... I do wonder why clever people don't go into the sciences. We need them.

Anyway, back to the have made it things. Hub considers that we have 'made it' now, as we have a bolster on the bed! I can remember my mother and father having one of those though, when I was a child - so, can you possibly have 'made it' if you have a bolster but not a standard lamp? I don't think so. We only have an uplighter, so we have a long way to go yet.

The planning for next year's coast-to-coast USA trip continues and this is the latest map of our latest route!

Last week, I booked a villa (with pool and spa) in Vegas for 2 nights and another villa (with pool and spa and golf cart! :)) in Palm Springs, for 3 nights. I'm getting excited - but it is a long way off yet and we haven't yet bought our plane tickets!

10 more points

The AT272 results came out on Wednesday and I passed (quite well). I could care less - but I know that I did better than at least a couple of much keener students and I wonder why this is? Do we have a natural 'gift' for writing essays/waffle? I thought what I handed in was tripe - I did it (quickly) before we went to Portugal, intending to edit the essays fiercely, when we got back. But I didn't touch them. Perhaps I should've stuck with the arts? (Nah!)