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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Nearly done

On the home straight now with A363, thank goodness. I truly think that creative writing can't be taught. My last effort, 'Hot Tub' went down well with my tutor - so I'm hoping that my ECA will also be ok. It's a totally different type of story to my usual though - a bit of a historical romp into the life of a Navajo.

I don't know what to do next. Maybe, I should continue and add the Hons to the BA, which I should get after this course (fingers crossed) - but I've little enthusiasm for continuing on the 'dark side'. I'd like to do the MSc in Earth Science, but the money aspect frightens me.

Meantime, I'm doing the NaPoWriMo thingie - a poem a day for April. Considering I've avoided poetry completely with A363, this is a challenge! No, not really a challenge, as I'm not taking it seriously and might not even complete it! The rubbish is on here. Laugh if you want. I do!