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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let me introduce you to ...


We've had her since August. She's 3/4 blue Persian - but we like the 1/4 bits that don't conform to standard. She's now 4 months old and is a minx. We adore her.

Peeping out from the duvet

It's hibernation time again! It doesn't creep up on you as much as leaps up! One minute I'm alert and functioning as well as can be expected from somebody of great age - and then WHOOMPH the blasted SAD hits.

Anyway, a little bit of catch-up.

I got a distinction for A215, which was hilarious really, given my lack of dedication. But, of course, I was more than happy with that. Now I've started A363 and am as lost as can be. I'm in the middle of getting together a story for TMA01. Once that's marked, I might feel a little better as at least I'll know a bit more about what my tutor looks for. It might be fun, actually - I look forward to the scriptwriting!