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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love/hate relationship

I'm hating the essay-writing of EA300. I don't mind writing essays, but my writing of these is shallow. I'm scared that I haven't written them as they should be written - but I also acknowledge that it doesn't matter one jot! The most important thing is that I'm enjoying the learning.

Tomorrow is the cut-off date for TMA01, which was the essay I wrote some weeks ago on Little Red Riding Hood and which I've almost forgotten. It won't be long now until I'll have to face the marks! I hope our tutor will be a quick marker - although she isn't very visible at the moment.

I've *more-or-less* done TMA02 as well, even though it's not due for another month. It's a bit lonely getting ahead as I do - you miss out on all the 'fun' of racing to the deadline. But I can't do it any other way. My TMA02 essay is on Little Women and Treasure Island - on 'social control'. I couldn't give a fig about the social control aspect, to be honest, but I've become totally fascinated by Miss Alcott. I think I've neglected the actual book and written my essay mainly on her - which is a mistake and a half which I'll probably regret (it doesn't matter a jot). RL Stevenson I find interesting, though much less fascinating - and I fear that he and his book have less than 50% of my essay!

Anyway, in preparation for block 3, which is on poetry and Peter Pan, I'll probably make myself watch 'Finding Neverland' again, which will be a right drag having to watch JD for a whole couple of hours! :) My neighbour has met him (JD) as she's an extra in the new PotC film. She says he's 'bloody gorgeous', even though he chains smokes (tut).

It's not been a bad day for me. Decent weather, decent company, a bit of studying, a bit of tidying, iced buns. But my thoughts, today, are with my dear friend in Canada, who will be having not the best of days at all.