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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hilma died. Up the Himalayas. In her sleep. Of altitude sickness. I can't believe it. She will be very sadly missed by all who knew her at the OU. :(

An announcement from her brother.

(from Hilma's resume)

He tells her that the Earth is flat -
He knows the facts and that is that.
In altercations fierce and long
She tries her best to prove him wrong.
But he has learned to argue well.
Her arguments he calls unsound.
He often asks her not to yell.
She cannot win. He stands his ground.

The planet goes on being round.

(Wendy Cope)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

S.A.D. kicks in bad!

Seasonal Affective Disorder arrived earlier than usual, this year. I can only put that down to the dismal summer we've endured. It's an odd little blighter - I always forget it exists and then, one day in September, I feel unwell and tired and I think I'm ailing for something which never materialises. And then I remember the SAD. It doesn't affect me with depression, as such - I simply feel ILL - languid and forgetful and TIRED and as though I have flu. No matter how much sleep I have; I want more. I am constantly hungry and TIRED. This results in a feeling of tension and DEPRESSION!!

Need to get out more. And take some vitamins. And SLEEP!

I don't think it's helped, this year, that I've had very little OU work to do. Today, this year's intake of S330 took their exam. I missed taking an exam and the revision beforehand! It kept my mind off other things (like Christmas), sharpened my memory (sort of) and gave me a reason for the tension exploding through my body!

In order to avoid this in future, I've planned out the next few years! I have to finish off (or start properly, come to that!) the volcanoes short course - and then, in February, I start the Understanding the Continents (S339) course, which I'm looking forward to, in a masochistic sort of way. Then, next September, I'm going to do A251, Creative Writing.. February 2009, it will be S369 (to finish off the geo-courses I missed out) and then, in September A300, which is a 20th century literature course (set books of which, I've already started reading!!!) If I get through that lot, I shall not only have a BA, to add to the BSc, but also a Diploma in Creative Writing and Literature PLUS a lot more background for the (hopefully impending) MSc in Earth Systems.

The secret is to keep busy and keep yourself challenged. And to SLEEP!


Why do people who post photos of hotels onto TripAdvisor, post photos of themselves on top of a bridge, or a few people with their arms around each other, at some scenic spot miles away from the actual hotel they're reviewing? I am much more interested in seeing underneath the beds and the bathroom!

There are some wonderful hotels around - most of which we can only dream of staying at. One I found yesterday, Inn New York City, is one to make your jaw drop - a far cry from the cupboard-sized, dingy rooms that most of us with less than ample wallets are forced to sleep in! We are booked into Radio City Apartments, which have good reviews on TripAdvisor - and the location cannot be beaten. However, I only need to read one review mentioning 'large cockroach' and I am, once more, scanning the travel sites, in search of that elusive penthouse with 500 count linens and gold plated jacuzzi, for less than $200 per night!

This isn't to say that we don't have some luxury lined up for next year's trip though! A night each at the Signature at MGM Grand, Vegas and the Top of the Village near Aspen are pure indulgence ... but, heck.

(part of) the floorplan for the 3 bedroom/3 bathroom condo, I've booked in Snomass Village (it was so big, I couldn't get all of it in the screenshot!)