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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

S.A.D. kicks in bad!

Seasonal Affective Disorder arrived earlier than usual, this year. I can only put that down to the dismal summer we've endured. It's an odd little blighter - I always forget it exists and then, one day in September, I feel unwell and tired and I think I'm ailing for something which never materialises. And then I remember the SAD. It doesn't affect me with depression, as such - I simply feel ILL - languid and forgetful and TIRED and as though I have flu. No matter how much sleep I have; I want more. I am constantly hungry and TIRED. This results in a feeling of tension and DEPRESSION!!

Need to get out more. And take some vitamins. And SLEEP!

I don't think it's helped, this year, that I've had very little OU work to do. Today, this year's intake of S330 took their exam. I missed taking an exam and the revision beforehand! It kept my mind off other things (like Christmas), sharpened my memory (sort of) and gave me a reason for the tension exploding through my body!

In order to avoid this in future, I've planned out the next few years! I have to finish off (or start properly, come to that!) the volcanoes short course - and then, in February, I start the Understanding the Continents (S339) course, which I'm looking forward to, in a masochistic sort of way. Then, next September, I'm going to do A251, Creative Writing.. February 2009, it will be S369 (to finish off the geo-courses I missed out) and then, in September A300, which is a 20th century literature course (set books of which, I've already started reading!!!) If I get through that lot, I shall not only have a BA, to add to the BSc, but also a Diploma in Creative Writing and Literature PLUS a lot more background for the (hopefully impending) MSc in Earth Systems.

The secret is to keep busy and keep yourself challenged. And to SLEEP!


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