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Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a hard life

Another busy day kicking a ball about ...

Australia 3 Japan 1 - Japan (sporting their usual assortment of red hair and blond stripes, with the addition, this time, of kind of poking out fringes at the back) went ahead with a cheaty goal (one of theirs pushed over the others goalie). Then Cahill (EVERTON) came on and scored a beauty. Then he should've been sent off for giving away a penalty up the other end - but the ref didn't spot it, so no pen and no sending off - then he scored again. Then another Aussie scored the third. OK game - nothing wonderful though.

USA 0 Czech Republic 3 - how I love the Czechs. The anthem is full of pain and brings back memories of poor Patrik crying on the grass after the Euro '96 defeat by Germany. They were great today. Nedved and that bloke Arsenal have just bought. Sorry USA - you've lost your touch.

Ghana 0 Italy 2 - strange with no Maldini - and Fabio doesn't really exude the same 'I'm the boss' spirit. I prefer Buffon in pink. The Ghaneans (sp?) were rough. Why didn't Lippi put on Pips?


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