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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Leo's a pundit!!

Great joy to discover the lovely Leonardo working as a panellist for the BBC!!

Serbia and Montenegro 0 Holland 1
- missed all but the last few minutes of this game, although listened to snips on the car radio as we went into town to spend more money. I don't like Holland.

Mexico 3 Iran 1
the Iranians presented a small carpet, rather than a pennant!! This game was a bit of a run-around - not exactly good football; certainly not edge of the seat. The Mexicans were happy enough though.

Angola 0 Portugal 1
I thought Figo had retired - and very pleased that he's not - a pleasure to watch! The Angolan 'officials' all look a bit like Idi Amin, while the players wore shorts which clung to their buttocks. Portugal were a little disappointing.

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