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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lucky, lucky England!

They drew with Sweden 2-2, so finish top of the group and avoid Germany in the next round. (Germany strolled past Ecuador 3-0 this afternoon). Lucky, lucky England to draw with Sweden even - as I thought the Swedes did enough to win. Lucky, lucky England to be in a relatively easy group!! Because, actually, they played poorly again - they have no strikers (Michael Owen did in his knee - I feel sorry for him); Rooney was poor and acted like the spoilt brat he is, when he was subbed. Crouch is Crouch. Here's a possible replacement!? He has knock-knees and little coordination, so should be ideal!

Also, today, Poland beat Costa Rica 2-1 and Paraguay beat Trinidad and Tobago 2-0 - but I saw neither game, which meant I didn't get any glimpses of Santa Cruz ...

No response from Leo to my email yet. :) But I have a new hat!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi i came a while ago to comment on here, just thought i would see what u thought about the game? I've just blogged on it. It was pretty disapointing even though we won group. Frustrated.