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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I don't know what day it is!!

The hub is working weird times, so I am studying when I've never studied before and not studying when I normally do. And what was Wednesday lunch pasta for years is now Thursday lunch pasta, as Paul has changed his shifts. And how strange for the three of us to go out together onto the Moors on a Thursday afternoon!!

There were patches of leftover snow up there, but not an awful lot; it was difficult to separate the snow bits from the sheep. (I've never known so much snow in the same winter - so much for global warming .... ) But I nearly fell asleep on the way home - so TIRED am I. I still have my fluey disease and now my face hurts - is that my teeth (one hasn't been right since I had a filling redone last June) or have my sinuses blown up? So I need to see the dentist. And I need to see the doctor (for a blood test). And I need to see the optician. And I need a hair cut.

We bought a new TV, as we had to as the other one wouldn't turn on. We spent a fortune on a new Sony Bravia - and I haven't stopped moaning about the picture. Well I HATE widescreen. And the colour's not up to much. And I changed my mind about the new front door we ordered, so the man's coming out again tomorrow with his thick book of choices. (I'd like one similar to this).

And we finally made wills.

The GOOD news is that I have (today) finished SXG390 TMA01. It's rubbish, but it's done. Actually, I shall feel much, much happier once I get that one back. What a strange setup it all is. Project plan. Personal skills audit. Key paper summary. Little research area essay thing. All done - all paperclipped together - all in an envelope to be posted to Ed in Ireland.

The oceanography is coming along splendidly (NOT!). It's excruciating! I mean, I can balance the Coriolis Force with the horizontal pressure gradient force. I can even figure out the Ekman layer. Or I could do - if only I knew WHICH WAY THE WIND WAS BLOWING!

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