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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm horrible

A man just called at the door. He was sixty-ish, very polite, spoke very well, but had a clip-board. As always, the initial response is to inwardly groan, though normally, I am polite, even if I have no interest in what the person is selling/asking. But not today. Today I wanted to RUN and quick. He said that he wanted to ask my opinion on telephone services. I said I was sorry but I didn't have time and was just on my way out. He knew I lied. No make-up - slippers .... Well, maybe he lied too ("I was just in the area ..."), but I don't like lying! And I know that these people do this kind of thing to fill in time - or for a few extra quid - or perhaps just to meet people. Bet he was glad he met me!!

I had to make a phone-call, right on that time, to my doctor's surgery, to find out the result of my blood test. I should've perhaps told the man this, and then he might've understood why I needed to run and lie. Anyway, the blood test came back normal. I was actually surprised, "normal?", "yes" - what with all the extra stress lately and not drinking enough water and maybe smoking a bit more. But it's normal! Phew!

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