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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I must pull myself together!

I'm really down. I suppose that's understandable, given all the changes and stresses in my life right now. But no sooner had I posted my TMA01 to Ed in Ireland and also posted the proforma thingie to the Course Team, I noticed TYPOS!! Heck, the whole thing was way below my usual carefullness even before that - and now it's even worse! But I shouldn't beat myself up about it, I suppose. So what? STOP THE PERFECTION!! I tinkered with the Oceanography again yesterday afternoon, but am none the wiser ....

We went to the Cornish Market this afternoon!

I bought 2 skirts (which turned out to be completely shapeless and too long), a pair of sandals (which, although they don't hurt my toes, do hurt my heels), a red hoodie (hee-hee) and a handbag (which, on first look, is fine!) It was nice to see a bit of blue sky!

And I'm in a complete organisational upheaval with Seattle. I was completely happy with our bookings, but now I've read about Seattle's pretty BRUTAL non-smoking laws, which, not only ask you not to smoke inside places (which we don't anyway; not inside our own house even!), but you're not allowed to smoke within 25 feet of a DOOR!! So that maybe completely rules out smoking on the deck outside the B&B place and most certainly rules out a quick puff on the 'balcony' of the Silver Cloud. I'll write to the B&B lady and ask her. But I think we might have to change the Silver Cloud room (boo-hoo) for a room at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Downtown (or nearly). This'll be OK, but I'd be moved to book a SMOKING room and I don't want a SMOKING room - we hate SMOKING rooms - and I never book them. However, this law is forcing people inside to smoke .... I know we shouldn't be smoking anyway, and I'm actually all for smoking bans - but ....

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