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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Got my cert!

The postman brought it this morning. Actually, he tried to squash and bend it through the letter-box! But the hub opened the door and all was well! It now sits in a simple frame, on the wall beside the computer. I think I prefer the coat of arms in tbe centre, although I'm happy enough with it!

The postman also brought our RODEO TICKETS! Yee-hah!

Enclosed is a little leaflet with a time-table for the 4th July events!

9:30am - Stampede Parade (Main Street)
10:00am - Wild West Extravaganza Arts, Crafts, and Food Show (Between Court House and City Park)
Afternoon - Entertainment in City Park
5:00pm - Cody Stampede PRCA Rodeo (On Cody's West Strip)
At Dark - Fireworks Display Sponsored by "Skylighters" (City Gravel Pits behind Old Trail Town)

Sounds great!

Also, the postman brought me a book I'd bought off Amazon (2nd hand, from America) on the Oceans... I've read a few pages already and it's very good - much easier than the OU coursebooks!! At bedtime, I've been reading the Journals of Lewis and Clark - sort of in preparation for our journey! They Tawlk and Rite lyke this. And they ceap Kiling elk. And it seams that yung indean Gurls visit them at nite. Rather surprysing of sutch Hearows, perhap? (I thynk the Indeans mustave bean quyt desprate or drunck! :))

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