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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The days are so long!

How I MISS my routine and my quiet afternoons of study. All I've done this week is to read through some stuff on oceanography (nothing difficult) and I haven't touched my Mt Rainier project course at all! I really MUST try to get back into my routine, even if that means I have to chuck others out of the house! Ed has actually received my TMA, which is a record for mail from the UK to Ireland, he says. He can't mark it until he gets the nod from the Course Team that my title and objectives are acceptable .... Nothing back from my S330 tutor yet, in response to my whining email. Actually, the stuff on tides (85% on the quiz) and waves in the 'simple' book is so interesting that I've got myself some renewed interest and determination!

Today has been busy. All days are busy. And yet they are so LONG - why's that? Went down to the AGS showroom this morning, to look at the stain-glass stuff again. The manager says I can tell the surveyor tomorrow morning when he calls (of course the hub won't be here when I'd like him to be!)that we would like green leaves instead of blue leaves. I'm not sure that's possible - I think he was trying to get rid of us!! Then we visited my Dad, who seems a lot better than he was, but is still complaining about cars and how lazy people are .... THEN, we had a look in the carpet stores for a bit of cheap stuff for this room. Would you buy a carpet from here?

Neither would we!!!

Is it sad to take photos in carpet stores?

You bet it is! But I took pictures of the carpets, so that I could choose at leisure at home - but I still can't make up my mind - blue or beige?

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