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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lots of sciencey things going on!

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is safely in orbit around the planet, promising much more detailed mapping of the surface. (And check out Google Mars! Wish that had been around when I did S198 - it might've saved me hours of peering through a magnifying glass at that map!)

And while there is still much debate on the UK's nuclear future - there appears an article on CERN's website, concerning particle acceleration - which brings great hope for the future, not only of our energy supplies, but also of a way of dealing safely with our nuclear waste - Accelerator Transmutation of Waste (ATW). (I so wish I worked there - it's absolutely fascinating!)

And there is even good news on the fishie front - as bottom trawling is banned in waters off the west coast of the USA.

No news on my TMA though.

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