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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Independent review?

The results of an 'independent' review on whether the country should replace current nuclear power stations or add more, in order to (a) reduce carbon emissions and (b) help secure our future energy needs, was released by the SDC yesterday. (Complete report downloadable from here). It absolutely beggars belief that the general public is being duped in this way, being told that a few windmills dotted here and there over our most beautiful countryside and changing lightbulbs, can 'save the world' from climate change!! How can a review be 'independent' when its chairman is the former Director of Friends of the Earth (when I was a member!) and, when running through the biographies of the commission members, you can't help noticing the words "Green" and "FotE" and even "RSPB" popping up all over the place! Not one sign of Greenpeace, however, although they do think along the same lines (see this little beauty for ridiculous scare tactics aimed at stifling informed debate).

What does Tone think about the SDC's recommendations?

(Join the nuclear debate).

Our tutors (those who are union members) were on strike today - and this is to be followed by non-marking of assignments. They would like students' backing for their 20% pay rise. Sorry, you won't get it from here.

I emailed Les (S330 tutor) today and asked whether he thought maybe I might be wasting my time with the course! BUT, I did do a little (pre) reading on waves today (Invitation to Oceanography book, as the next OU coursebooks aren't due to be dispatched until next month) and I understood it!! Though I only got 64% on the quiz.... doesn't bode well!

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