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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I had one Friday afternoon and decided that we would go to London!! So I booked a night at the Queen's Gate Concorde Hotel, near the Natural History Museum and we set off after the hub got home from work on Saturday (at about 3:30!). It's a long, boring drive to London, but we got there at around 8:30, without too much hassle, except that we couldn't quite find the hotel! When we did find it, they couldn't quite find our booking ... however, I was armed with email confirmations and they gave us a room with 4 beds. Mind the step! I didn't (there was no warning and you had to get past the step to turn the lights on!)and went flying, much to Paul's amusement. Hub parked the car (a mile away) and then we walked down to Gloucester Road for some provisions.

Sunday was very busy. Nice breakfast, walk, Victoria and Albert Museum (loved the Cast Courts), walked, queued, Natural History Museum, walked, and walked, and walked some more, ate, walked, climbed a mighty high escalator,

hadn't been to the Earth Galleries before - experienced the Kobe earthquake, bought things, walked,Science Museum - but not for too long, then walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, up past the Royal Albert Hall, to the place where we were parked. Cold. Soaked to the skin. Tired. So we drove through the thronging streets, to Greenwich (we didn't get lost!!). Parked. 20p for 20 minutes and that's all you got. Walked. Miles. Knew how Scott felt when he was freezing to death. Bought things. Walked. Froze. Drove home. FROZE as the central heating wasn't working - brrh and grrh - and Captain Bunzee was very hungry by 11:00pm ....

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