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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

NOT my Valentine!!

Gay-Lussac all is forgiven! This fellah is far more heinous. Evil! Harald Sverdrup. Torques and curls. YER WHAT?? M = b + curl tau. Has to be Klingon or D'Ni. Even the blasted buoys are either Langrangian or Eulerian! And there's the geostrophic equation

(haha!), inertia currents, wind stress, Ekman motion. What's all that got to do with fish??

I've done my project plan for SXG390. It's not looking good. It seems that, because of our holiday, I shall have to do most of it by the middle of June - yeah, right!!

I'm not getting good vibes.

I downloaded the The Largest Climate Experiment ever today. The world is whirling around in the background and is currently on 11/1/1921. It has to go to 2080!!

When I first downloaded it, there were 750 people in the UK participating, 70 in the USA and 1 in Japan. Now there are 8666 people in the UK participating, 1509 in the USA and 3 in Japan. Are they just not very keen on climate in Japan, or are they asleep?


Must be Harald Sverdrup in disguise!!

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