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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Things is happening!

Went to Looe, Cornwall, this afternoon and saw the first daffodil of the year outside somebody's cottage - spring is certainly just around the corner!

In Looe, apart from a nice stroll along the harbour, along the beach and through the old, narrow streets, the hub bought a pair of thermal gloves and a new blue washing up bowl (£1), while I bought a dragonfly on a stick, one of those nylon anoraks you fold up into a little pouch and a big bar of chocolate covered marzipan! Oh, and we rescued a little bear who was looking completely forlorn, sitting out in a basket, in the cold, and had one ear and one arm squashed and deformed. I dunno, some people don't know how to look after critters properly!

The hub has a new JOB!! Already! Grocery deliveries for Asda!! He gets to wear a green fleece and drive a big truck (well, quite big!)

And I've been busy changing holiday hotels again! I've changed the hotel in Banff to one much (it seems) nicer - real class! The Juniper.

And I'm about to rebook the hotel at Grand Coulee Dam (we had moved to Spokane, but, minds are for changing, right?) And I've said "NO" to the Holiday Inn Express in Vernon, who wouldn't let me change/cancel my reservation, because I made a little error when I booked and clicked the "pay now" thing - I mean, WHY would I have intentionally done that? To save 6 cents? We're going to stay in Kelowna now, in a nice bed and breakfast down by the lake. I think. Oh and I've been messing something awful with Waterton Lakes - and have not really reached a successful conclusion to the business. I'm getting a little muddled, actually.

As for the learning' .... well, I haven't touched S330 since Friday. It was all Coriolis force, wind stress and inertia currents - had a whale of a time with that!!! I don't see a way of typing Greek thingies onto here, or I would most certainly share otherwise.

My SXG390 tutor, Ed, phoned from Ireland on Friday evening. He is very nice - and very helpful - and very encouraging! He has given my chosen topic the all clear and even likes my title - although it really is only provisional.

"The History, Cause and Effect of Debris Flows (Lahars) and Risk and Mitagation to areas surrounding Mt Rainier, Washington, USA"

It's way too fussy, even for an academic whatsit - I really want it to be less fussy, even if I have to make it longer.

So, I was all geared up to get on with the project plan and the skills review - but, was too busy doing nothing in particular. I MUST get weaving tomorrow.

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