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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Close to pneumonia

or, at least, I have a nasty bout of bronchitis and a cold, which is hardly surprising given the ENDURANCE of the weekend and the bitterly cold weather. This morning we had the double glazing man out (we invited him!) and he measured up for new doors. I would like less glass, but we are short on light here, with all the trees, so we opted for plain glass French doors for the back and a half panel of stained glass poppies for the front. Nobody usually asks for that one, apparently, and it has to be specially ordered. The man was taken with it and said he might pop up and take a photo when it's done (do we get paid for that? Free fascia boards or something?)

BUT, none of this gallavanting and spending is getting any of my WORK done. Where can you buy motivation?

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