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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Memory Lane

This is where I used to play as a child!!

It still looks like something out of Dickens!!! Ah though, memories! I had bad dreams last night - actually about tarantulas. They were everywhere in the house - black ones, brown ones, white ones (white ones?) And then was awake early, so didn't feel like studying today (any excuse; although I did have a marathon session yesterday!) - and, after going into town to make an appointment for the door men to come out and give us an estimate, we went to the road where I grew up and I took some pictures of the outside, front and back! I lived here until I was 8 years old.

My paternal grandfather died in the room at the top right and both of my brothers were born here - one in the right hand bottom room and one in the left hand bottom room. Funny how I can remember it so clearly! I wasn't born here - I was born in Freedom Fields Hospital, where Paul also was born, many years later! Freedom Fields started off life as a workhouse and now is, alas, no more at all, as it's been demolished and replaced by charmless, grey houses.

Still in a nostalgic mood, I scanned a painting I did of the Pilchard Inn at Bigbury, wondering if my Dad will recognise where it's meant to be! We had some happy holidays there!

Talking (loosely!) of art - I've decided to start entering the Haiku Competition again - I still crave that mousemat! This should do it ....

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