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Friday, February 17, 2006

Beware Yahoopoo

Suddenly, I wasn't getting my emails in! A quick investigation found:

Basically they WANT MORE MONEY. Don't I pay enough, as it is, for my few pages of ad free geocities? And didn't I TRY to log into my account, oh, a couple of months ago, when they shut me down completely as I hadn't used my ancient geocities account for a while?? (And yet I paid for it!) So I couldn't log into my account - and getting in touch with somebody to complain (via email and phone) was almost mission impossible (almost because I did eventually succeed in getting myself reinstated).

I am seriously tempted to take my ancient (though-want-to-keep-sentimental-trash) geocities pages elsewhere - brick by brick. (If only I had time).

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