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Thursday, February 09, 2006


we paid of our mortgage.


That IS a nice feeling!!

As Paul is on leave all this week and it was hub's day off, we celebrated by braving the cold, but very sunny day, and went to Salcombe, where you can buy a nice house for £1.6m or a small apartment for £0.5m ...

Then we went to Slapton

And finished off at Dartmouth, with fish 'n' chips by the harbour (sorry Mr Cod).

Devon really is extraordinarily beautiful - I guess we take it for granted.

I WISH I could get some momentum going on my courses, though. I appear to have hit a wall or something. I suppose this is understandable, with so much going on at the moment - and so many changes. TOMORROW I will do my skills audit for SXG390. I will.

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