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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yawn ....

This was my 'blog' for the National Trust. They certainly struck lucky with my interesting day!!!

"Woke late. Drab day (what's new?). Received a postcard from the Philippines this morning - a Postcrossing one - showing a picture of a Ming vase. (Postcrossing is a current worldwide activity, whereby we sent out postcards and receive cards back, from anywhere in the world - it's supposed to get people back to 'writing' and sending stuff by mail, rather than by text or email). Had a discussion, re global warming (there are people who actually believe we can cure it ...) on the FC conference (an online conference provided by the Open University (a distance learning university). Downloaded my OU S330 (oceanography) exam paper, from last week. Worked out that I have failed (again!). Had lunch (beans on toast). Spent the afternoon doing a new home page. Don't like it much. Hub at work all afternoon and evening (he is an Asda delivery man). Son at work all day (he works at the garden centre). I ate a chicken and mushroom pie and a chocolate (Weightwatchers!) cheescake. Gross. Other exciting things which happened today - I fed the goldfish (twice) and the rabbit - watched 'Bargain Hunt' with my lunch - and 'Eastenders' with my supper. (Jake is in trouble, Ruby is a silly sot and Sonia was crying again. Pauline wouldn't be happy if she saw her little boy kissing her (Sonia, that is!)) Now it is nearly time (10:00pm) for hub to come home from work and we will share a bottle of wine together (Italian) - although I water mine down as it doesn't agree with me!"

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