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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not long now!

The wierdest thing is that I am no longer worried!! After some fraught encounters with past exam papers, I got myself seriously stressed and I had a half mind to cancel my exam (what hope is there?), but then decided I wasn't a quitter. However, in the process of telling myself it doesn't matter too much, and looking forward to what I might do next year, I'm actually now rather looking forward to FAILING!! But I'll do what I can, and, if by some major miracle, I were to pass, then I can re-examine my options - depending on how I've also done on SXG390.

I've hidden all my past S330 exam papers away, and am sticking to my revision list only. This is the short version - there is a much longer, more specific one, but this is the gist list!

Amphidromic systems (practise diagrams etc)
Geostrophic flow, divergences, convergences etc
Energy transfers
T-S diagrams
Estuaries, deltas and beaches
Hydrothermal plumes etc (look at those equations!)
Hydrothermal vents, esp Mg
Things like thickness of thermocline etc
Check up on seismic measuring thingies
Total carbon
Turbidity currents
Med, Black Sea, Gulf Stream, Juan de Fica

and a few more. If I spent less time making lists and getting on with it, I might do better!

The ballet tickets have arrived - our new shopping centre opens this Thursday (Starbucks, Hotel Chocolat, Build-a-Bear, Lush ... ) and Malcolm Dumpling-Smith has a new tank, with amazing bubbles. Do you think he looks lonely?

Life doesn't get much more exciting than this!

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