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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Retail therapy!

I had a break from the revi*ion today - and we braved a visit to the new shopping centre, which opened today! They estimate that 100 000 went through the gates - and it felt like it! I wasn't sure what to expect - as the outside of the place is an absolute monstrosity - but the inside is very COOL and I was pretty impressed!

M&S, Boots, Next, Primart and Waterstones are HUGE and very spacious and light - much like the stores in an American mall. Lush and Hotel Chocolat could've been a bit bigger though! Oh, and ...


Caffe Mocha (decaff).

We were pretty worn out by the time we escaped - but it was a most welcome break from the other. It seems as though a lot of people are feeling like I am - the more we study; the less we appear to know. And I knew very little in the first place! Oh, well, head down tomorrow and the next day and the next - how I shall celebrate when it's all OVER!

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