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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I b*llsed it up!!

I was really poorly on Tuesday - gastric stuff. And I haven't eaten anything for a couple of days, so wasn't feeling too grand this morning, for the dreaded thing. But, otherwise, I was as prepared as I could've hoped for (I didn't know all that much, but that's beside the point). Anyway. I read (quickly) through the paper and thought 'I can pass this'. I eagerly set into the 10 short questions (worth 40%) and was pleased that I reckoned I'd done enough for 20% on that. So then, just 10% each on the 2 longer question (of choice out of 5) and there was my unexpected pass! I was feeling rather bubbly. I chose a question I thought I could do quite well. The biological one; not because it was biological - I hate biology, but because I knew the answers! Or so I thought ... I wrote about 4 pages and then, when I got to the last part, I realised I'd done the WHOLE THING WRONG!!! When is a --> not a --> - when it's a <-- - that's when!! But I did it WRONG! That is a cardinal and unforgiveable error! The trouble is because I didn't know my -->s from my <--s, the rest of my answers which followed were completely WRONG too! I panicked. I should've done the thing again, but I only had 30 minutes left - and still had to do another question. I picked the wrong 'other question' and could only answer a very small part of it. In retrospect, I should've redone the question I'd b*llsed up, because then I would've passed; I'm pretty sure. But I haven't....

Very CROSS with myself. I wouldn't be cross with myself to fail - but I am cross with myself for letting myself down so badly.



Exams! (If only this had been an assignment!)

Oh, bother! To make matters worse, still upset, I went around to see my Dad and had a row with him!

Well, I can, at least, look forward to doing SXN390 next year now (probably on nuclear waste) - and finish off my honours next year, as I had originally planned. Yeah, the oceanography was a 'bonus', but I COULD'VE passed it!!

Off now to open up the S194 book - what joy not to have to do any more revision!

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