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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Witch's Coven II

After reading on Bill's blog that there was a new FC conference up and running for 2 weeks, to ask suggestions for the future running of OUSA conferences, I had a look. Why on Earth they didn't keep this particular conference in the (very exclusive) moderators' conference (aka Coven I), I do not know. It is swamped with moderators who just wish to tighten already tight rules, introduce more and ask for 'more protection'. If anybody suggests that less moderation and less rules might attract (or keep) more students, they are laughed out of court. It's bordering on a totalitarian state!!! Now then, I love OUSA FC conferences and have utilised them fully since I started with the OU - but why can't arguments be allowed to run their course? We are all grown-ups, for goodness sake! Over-zealous moderation stifles debate. When I was a moderator, I tried to keep out of the way - the reason I am no longer a moderator is because I didn't want to become like others in the 'coven', who see their role as moderator almost like a 'career' and a very high-flying one at that! They seem to love control and do not understand that the conferences are a place where students should feel relaxed and that they don't need big brother looking over them.

I would've written this (or something like it) onto the conference, but it would've been moderated and deleted! The conference is being run exactly as a conference shouldn't be run. In only 2 days, the number of "Urgent, moderator warning" type thingies is ridiculous!

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