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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back to normal?

I don't think so! I'm way behind on everything! I did finish TMA03 for S330 - but it's so bad, I'm embarrassed by it. I'm hoping that it'll get me 26%, so that I will have passed the coursework, without actual need to send in TMA04 (thus more time for REVISION!), but I don't even think it's worth that! So I despair of S330. SXG390 I'm similarly behind on. Well, not behind - but behind where I'd like to be. My tutor wrote yesterday (he'd been ill) to give me my mark for TMA03 - a very healthy 91%, so I can (and MUST!) get on with the project now.

My Dad has had his operation put back a week - so it'll now be 14th August. That extra week could make a difference to whether I finish either of these courses or not!

We're planning a new bathroom. Well, we're trying to plan a new bathroom. So far, we've planned to knock the wall down and have a bath and a shower (but too expensive) - we've planned in install a walk in shower (and no bath) - we've planned to install a shower bath (and no shower) - and the latest plan is to install a regular rectangular (smallish, out of necessity) shower (and no bath). But what colour do we paint the walls? And do we keep our electric shower, or do we have a shower mixer? Who will fit all this stuff? When do (can) we do the tiling? How long will our loo be out of action?

I have seen a rocking chair that I simply must have ....

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