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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Coming up in the world!

We now have a couple of solar powered garden lights! They could do with being a little brighter though, as I just stepped on a slug and burst him ....

Took father home from hospital this morning (he had asked to go home). He is not too bad - but he is very weak and it would've been a good idea for him to have at least got beyond 'soft mash', before discharging himself. He lays down to sleep and then doesn't have the strength to get back up again.

I've finished my Mt Rainier project - oh frabjous day!! Need to do part 2 of the ECA yet - and also need to print out copies of the project and have them spiral bound. But then I shall sent it all off and forget about it (until December). I'm satisfied with it. Mostly.

I'm in the process of booking a short trip to Prague, for the end of November (when the Christmas markets are open). We're going to stay in a rather nice apartment, just off Wenceslas Square.

Everybody will be getting Kafka, wooden puppets and cabbage patties in their stockings this year!!

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