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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Emotions high; pressure lowered

It's been a highly emotionally charged week - one which has witnessed painful arguments and some inner searching. It is difficult to listen to your father saying that he will be on a mortuary slab next Tuesday.... GOT TO BE POSITIVE! Think of that trip to Oz, you promised yourself! I also visited my brother. The brother, who hasn't spoken to me for 8 years (for reasons only he is aware of). Whether the effort will turn out to have been worth it, only time will tell.

On the studying front, pressure has slightly lifted, due to my having worked my socks off last week, and managing to finish reading through the oceanography texts. I didn't understand most of what I read - but I did read it! I also received my TMA03 back from my tutor. 50%. Better than I'd hoped! Hardly a mark to be proud of - but, in all honesty, it fairly reflects my understanding of the plot!! So, if my calculator is right, that means that my average coursework now stands at 45.75%, which means I've PASSED THE OCEANOGRAPHY COURSEWORK - without need of completing the 4th assignment - hoorah - that's an achievement in itself! (I shall attempt the 4th assignment though, if time permits, as I've already done the first question and the rest of it *looks* a lot simpler than the previous assignments!)

So now I have put the S330 books away, and am concentrating on my project. I have bits in my head and bits all over the place. I have gathered poems and quotes and images and comments from various and helpful persons, over email. IF I put my mind to it, I could have it completed in a week or so - but I have other things to put my mind to right now.

I bought the rocking-chair. The bathroom plans are sort of undecided, I think. And I am horrified that there is no mention of allowing Nicorette inhalers onto aeroplanes.

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