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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nearly time to turn over the calender!

I get really excited about this! The calander behind this PC is a US National Parks one - August has been Crater Lake NP (not been there) - no idea what September's will be (I really haven't looked! :))

So, almost September. Let's hope the weather will be better than August's was! And 1st September means that I get to post my SXG390 Mt Rainier project report - hooray, will really be glad to see it go tomorrow, as I keep finding things wrong!

It's really heavy. The Post Office now have a new way of charging - they charge by SIZE rather than by weight. However, this is both large and heavy, so they will charge a fortune, no doubt.

Also ready to go tomorrow, is S330 TMA04. So now, with SXG390 and all the S330 assignments out of the way, I can settle back to revise ... WHERE TO START!! A warning to anybody contemplating studying S330 - it's MOUNTAINS of VERY DIFFICULT material - and all for only 30 points!

4 and a half inches of books!!

Still trying to sort out the bathroom. The basin and stand arrived today - it's very nice indeed! But we've been agonising over whether to get a rectangular shower enclosure or an off-set quadrant. Finally, we decided on the rectangular, only to then discover that the flippin' shower tray is 6.5 inches high - WHY? That's no use, because we need a 4 inch plinth underneath, to take our pipes. Would need a stepladder!

Father is still very unwell. He doesn't eat. We buy him food - we cook him food - but he doesn't eat it. So, he doesn't exercise at all because he feels faint when he stands up. And he won't take his pills (the diuretics) because they make him pee and he's too weak to go upstairs. Otherwise, he is well .... I am angry at the NHS actually - they appear to have just dumped him. He's an 83 year old, frail man who's just had by-pass surgery, but NOBODY (other than the woman who comes in for half an hour each morning and writes down things like, "William was up and dressed" - but she's not medically trained), has been in to see him. A stand-in for his GP popped in the day after he came home from hospital, but that's been it! He was wheezy and had a cough on Monday night. He called for a doctor and they said to GO UP TO ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY!! So, my hub had to fetch him and take him up there! They were up there until gone midnight! We just don't ever know if what we try to do or suggest ("EAT" "EXERCISE" "TAKE YOU PILLS") are the right things to do. He needs reassurance - and not from us.

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