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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


"Britain goes nuclear to beat energy crisis" - although it's hardly "goes nuclear", when we've been nuclear for 50 years .... Of course, there is a lot of weeping by the greenies who don't appear to understand that this is the greenest option. Where did they think the waste was going to go if we stopped producing it? I bet they would've conveniently forgotten it, as they don't want it in their back yard! Also, much ignorance over Iran. How can Tony Blair talk about us producing nuclear power (like we didn't already - I swear some people don't even know what powers their kettles!) - but won't let the Iranians. Don't they understand about the enrichment and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Obviously not! I think the BBC should run some nuclear tutorials - they could disguise them as commercials and then people might watch them ....

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