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Monday, May 01, 2006

Another bank holiday ....

.. and another on my own! Well, the retail boys have to work! I've made full use of the weekend though, and have finished (?) both course TMA02s. Not easy. Lots of work. The SXG390 one was lots and lots and lots of stuff. All about volcanoes, amazingly enough! One question asked for just about our complete project in 800 words - complete with references! So I have a 3-page answer to the question and 4 pages of references. That one's ready to go. 19 pages, in total. Tomorrow it'll wing its way to County Cork! I'm quite happy with it. S330. Now then, that's a different story! It's not due until June, so I can always take it out of the envelope again and look at it. But I'd rather not. It's shocking. To be frankly honest - I'm lost!! I cannot be banging my head over it for any longer though - time to move on - lots to do - before our holiday - next month!

1st May - but no sign of cabin photos on the Cody Cowboy Village page!

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