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Friday, May 26, 2006

Hearts and minds ...

My Dad has to have a by-pass op. I don't think he's very happy about it! But, he will get to Australia again!

The weather is grim.

But, on a positive note, I wrote a couple of emails to certain bods in Washington State, asking questions relating to my project. And I had a reply from Steve Bailey, Director of Pierce County Department of Emergency Management, with some very interesting and useful information, including up-to-date info on the Bridge4Kids (Orting). And he also invited me to 'drop in' on the offices when we're there - but I don't think we're going to have time to get lost in Tacoma.

It's all so interesting, that I'm thinking of making Orting Bridge into a 'case study'.

Apart from that though, I've hardly done a thing.

The weather is grim.

I've sent 7 postcards (Postcrossing). 1 to America (Glendale, Arizona), 1 to Brazil (Sao Paulo), 1 to Australia (Melbourne), 1 to Luxembourg (Clemency) and 3 to Finland (Pilkanmaa, Hameenlinna and Kangasniemi). They seem to be big on Postcrossing in Finland! 2 of the cards I sent to Finland have arrived already - so I'm looking forward to receiving my first! I wonder where it'll be from (money's on Finland!)

And now it's only 4 weeks to our holiday - how the time is flying! Today is (or should be) the grand opening of Cody Cowboy Village, so should get to see some photographs soon!

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