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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Once a hated and avoided hinderance to the year, the Eurovision Song Contest has now become quite an entertaining romp! Accompanied by the biting (often cruel) wit of Wogan (who suggested that both France and Spain had 'given up' - and who could argue), last night's show provided quite a feast of the weird! While Sweden presented a woman whose impossible up-to-the-neck-legs were wrapped in tinfoil, Armenia gave us a Chinaman tied up by snake charmers and Lithuania a football chant which demanded "Vote for the Winner", Ireland attempted a return to the golden Johnny-Logan days, with a ballad warbled by Nick Cotton.. I rather liked Malta's enthusiastic offering, which was very much in the Euro-vogue - but it only received un point.

My favourite was Germany's "No, No Never", a folk song, performed amongst twinkling saguaro and accompanied by chaps in chaps, including a guitarist who never once moved his left hand!

Germany's vote announcer sat grinning on a horse in Hamburg, but, alas, they only managed 36 points and 15th place (which was better than our Daz's dire 19th with 25).

I also rather liked the eventual runner-up song from Russia (248 points). Sexy street boy (apparently a heart throb throughout eastern Europe) meets a head popping out of a piano!

It was no surprise, however, that the winner was Finland's entry (292 points) - heavy rock with Halloween masks (which, despite my love of rock music, was not high on my wanna hear more list!).

Still, this'll give me something to write on my postcards to Finland! I joined Postcrossing and am to send a postcard to Luxembourg, USA (Arizona), Brazil - and 2 to Finland. Seemingly, the Fins are well into postcards!

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