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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My little world of what ifs

The results are fairly imminent now - some postgraduate results came out today. The '15th December' message has also appeared on my SXG390 page, so despite the imminentness of things, that one isn't as imminent as I'd hoped. What if the results come out tomorrow when we're up in Bristol. What if the weather is so bad (as forecast) that we can't get back and I don't know they're there? Well, they will wait!

What if I've passed S330? (Now then, there's a forlorn what if if ever there was!). What should I do? I have been over and over the artsy course descriptions and, in all honesty, I don't fancy doing an artsy course. So I could do the Masters? But it's so expensive! There's always the Crowther Award! But you have to apply the year before, I think - so if I applied and, even if successful, I would have to wait until next year to start. And I couldn't afford it else. And why am I thinking of doing a Masters? Could I do it? What if I couldn't?

Ho ho ho!

What if I've failed S330?? LOL - well, that's almost a given! However, I have changed my mind slightly over SXN390 (nuke waste project), because I have so always wanted to do S369. So I should do that one. What's one more exam? I could even do it if I passed S330 and had to wait another year for the Masters (if successful with the Crowther plea). I could do it for fun!!

(However) What if I get a 1 or a 2 for SXG390? (I would be disappointed with less). (And failed S330). Then I would stand a chance of a first!!! So would I then want to do S369 with another exam - or should I do SXN390 to stand a chance of a 1 or a 2??? I don't know!!

And what if I've passed S330 AND SXG390 and I take my 2:1 (which I would, if that's what it is) then what would I do next year?


Syzygy Mimistrobell (that is my Second Life name, but I cannot access the game on this PC, due to having an inferior graphics card or something - I can only access on my laptop and as I can't get at my laptop at the moment, I cannot play it. Not that I want to play it. I got myself a free pair of purple leather jeans and somebody approached me and I flew away!! It's very odd - all those people on that game are actually REAL!)

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