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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye-bye 'honours, even?'

Well, I got them, so it was finished!

'Gone weird' - hmm. Well, I have decided, after all, to do a BA. It seems as though I need very little by way of new courses to get it ... so I'd just as well. I would like to do the philosophy course (A211), but I'm not sure I feel confident enough to jump straight into philo essays, so I thought the humanities foundation course (A103) might be (a hoot) interesting. I need to check with a study advisor on Tuesday first though. The current plan is to have a break from science (with the arts) and then return to do the new named MSc in Earth Systems Science, which hasn't even been approved yet! If it doesn't get given the go ahead, then I'll do the MSc in Science. I have until 26th January to register for next year's course. (I will have to cancel my registration of S369, but I will still read the books).


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