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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Where did that year go?

Looking back, without thinking too hard, 2005 seems like it was a boring old year, with nothing much new or exciting going on. But, think harder and a few little things come back to mind!

I finished my (ordinary) degree
Nick got married
Hub was made redundant
First visit to Andorra (not sure that will be repeated!)
First visit to the Isle of Wight
Discovered Stover Nature Reserve (searching for dragonflies for U316)
Put on weight (resolution LOSE half a stone)
Started to smoke more (resolution GIVE IT UP completely)

2006 has started grumpily. I have my first hangover for 2 years ... Hub is putting up new fences, and has destroyed the jasmine bush in the process.

And, I registered with 43 Things, listed "Learn Japanese" to do - then, by mistake, clicked that I'd done it!!!! Now I can't put it back onto my list, which is completely empty! Oh well - there's ambition for you! :)

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