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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sinking ...

in a sea of work! I've been happily working away on the Oceanography and thought I was getting somewhere (though slowly) and had 2 TMA questions drafted. And I bought the most lovely book "Invitation to Oceanography", at a fraction of its cost price, from eBay, which will help me enormously (I also bought, from eBay, a maths book, "Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition" for 20p, but I don't want to talk about maths). Only yesterday afternoon, I was thinking to myself how lucky I was, sitting in the cozy sitting-room, in the peace and quiet, warm and contented, reading about the oceans. Then the 3rd mailing of MU120 arrived ... And I realised just how much work there was still left to do. And HOW am I to fit it all in? And I tried to do some work last night, but, with other people home, it was just too noisy to concentrate properly (parabolas, oh boy). So, I am thinking of deferring S330 til next year now. I'll see how I get on with the maths - maybe if I can get the majority of it behind me in the next couple of weeks, S330 still stands a chance. If not.. :(

There is no rush.

Still not started SXG390, although I *could* be getting on with some 'plans' - I still feel I'd rather get my topic sorted with my tutor (whoever) first. I bought a 2nd hand book from Amazon today though, which will help me a bit.

(I'm so lucky to be able to do a project on something so interesting, too - but I would like to have time to enjoy it).

Yesterday, the feedback letter for U316 arrived. Very goods and excellents for everything - surprisingly, more excellents for the report than for the project - and I thought what I wrote was complete garbage!! And, today, confirmation of my Bachelor of Science degree popped through the post. I dunno how I feel about it, actually - it makes me feel a bit stressed for some reason. Certainly this graduate Can't Do Maths!!

Oh, and I sorted out some more holiday accommodation. The 3 Bears person let me down and told me I could only rent for 3 nights, so could I please spend another night there. No. So, we're now in the cabin at Jasmers, called Laze Daze.

And I booked a lovely place, down by the lake at Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta - and another place on the plains of Montana on the banks of the Missouri at Fort Benton. Never heard of it? Nor me - but it's peaceful and interesting and there's an ice-cream parlor on the premises ....

And the paint stripping stuff works! It's a slow job and it does stink a bit - but it works - that is a surprise!

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