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Friday, December 23, 2005

I wish I knew....


.... what I was doing!!

No sooner has the ink dried on my degree certificate, than I'm playing around with next year's courses! Yesterday, I registered for S330 - Oceanology - which, EVERYBODY knows, is a rather difficult course! So, why did I do it? I thought I might be bored .... Well, reading through the assignment booklet for SXG390, I thought, "hello, this is DULL" and promptly decided that registering for ANOTHER course would solve that!! Well, too late now - but stand by for an early cancellation of the oceanography course!

I'm confused, actually. I don't know what I want to do. I'm REALLY HAPPY to have successfully completed my degree - and I'm not even sure that I want (certainly I don't need) the honours bit. I feel almost like packing the whole thing up and having at least a year's rest. But then, what would I do?

Must be Christmas addling my head. Off to N&N's this evening for tea and pressies!!


Anonymous said...

just checking to see if this works!

Anonymous said...

Well, it WOULD work, if the time was right ..... please note, anybody who might be even vaguely interested, that the time on the comments will be 8 hours behind the time it is here (ie PST)

Anonymous said...

That comment number is HUGE - not sure I like it, but am struggling to try to figure out how to make it smaller (or, even better, stick it at the bottom ....)

Anonymous said...

I got rid of the HUGE number! But you still have to click the number (now at the bottom) of the post, to get to the comments page. Well, I dunno.