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Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas on the telly

Midnight mass from Gloucester Cathedral - The Wizard of Oz - Queen's speech (shocking green suit). It was all there.

Late afternoon we chose to watch the DVD of Charlie. (Great fun!) "Though shalt not worship false idols", which, of course, in this case, was chocolate (!)

We continued, with the Dr Who Christmas Special - whirling, attacking Christmas trees, machine-gun touting santas, the rejuvenating qualities of tea. More great fun! (Although I still rather wish Christopher Ecclestone had continued in the role.)

And then there was Eastenders. A massive turkey in the bath, tears, sickness, furious arguments, (surprising) pregnancy (what a pity *SPOILER* Dennis gets shot soon), LOVE, Love, love. Alfie and Kat - bare feet in the snow, furry dice and away to drive through the driftwood and desert of the western USA. (Although I think that Alfie is in panto right now.)

I finished the day by reading the first piece of writing in the 2005 "Best American Science and Nature Writing" collection. "My God Problem - And Theirs", by Natalie Angier. Interesting. And highly topical. Today, the Times printed the article "Chimps with everything: a ridiculous war", which is, of course, more on the ID, creationism debate (if it is a debate). When searching, on the internet, for some information on Natalie Angier, I came across "The Positive Atheism's Big List of Quotations" Though I only browsed, quickly, there is some interesting reading there. But WHY do both sides of the 'argument' insist on going to such huge lengths to seemingly try to justify their beliefs; non-beliefs? It is as though they have little faith in their own convictions.

Later, Everton ....

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