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Monday, September 25, 2006

Revision is BORING!

and I'm eating and eating and eating ....

Last week I was full of total despair - this week the total despair has turned to THIS IS SO IMPORTANT - WORK!! I keep trying to tell myself that it's not important - but, of course, it IS important. (Though not that important ..) I feel ever so slightly less panicked since I got TMA04 back. 74% for that, which is genius standard! So I must be understanding something, although I can hardly find any correct answers amongst the masses of red writing! But, mainly, the past exam paper questions are still a mystery to me.

I've been through all the books and all the summaries etc for those blocks. I know, from those, which topics to leave as hopeless (they include - surprise, surprise - waves)and I have made another list which are topics which keep coming up in the exams and which I might be able to do something about (ie READ stuff and LEARN stuff). So, onwards .... I shall be SO glad when this is all over ....

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