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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Isn't life grand!

The weather has improved dramatically over the past week - and the sunshine has not only cleared the spots from my forehead, but also eased those stress levels (a bit!)

This was down by the river Tamar on Thursday evening.

That's Brunel's famous rail bridge - and that's Cornwall 'over there'.

I hardly seem to be home though, so the revi*ion is not actually undergoing leaps and bounds or anything like that. I went to an S330 tutorial this morning though. That really only managed to tell me that I know even less than the little I thought I might know! The highlight of the morning was when the tutor slid the whiteboard out of the way and wrote an equation (in big red letters) onto the WALL!!

EVERTON beat Liverpool 3-0! And spent a couple of hours TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

And I cancelled the Algarve villa booking. I found a much nicer villa, out in the countryside (though still very close to the beaches), with fabulous views and a karaoke machine! :)

It's the "Casa Dos Choupos", which translates to "House of the Poplar Trees".

Can't wait!

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